Code of Conduct

Where there is no will, no rules or laws can help. - Helmut Kohl

Teamspeak / Discord

  1. The gaming channels are distinguished from the voice channels. The gaming channels are to be used for communication in game! For small talk and non-game related stuff needs to be discussed in the chat channels.
  2. Please consider the channel sizes. There's a reason why some channels have limited spots.
  3. Entering channels which are in use should be communicated with those within the channels. Just leave one of the persons in the channel a message and ask if you're okay to join instead of just forcing your way in.
  4. There are channels for BB members, allies, guests and friends.
  5. The rules apply to anyone who is in our TeamSpeak or Discord Servers. Each persons using our channels should know the rules, respect them and make new users aware of them.
  6. Violating the rules will have consequences. This can go from a warning up to a server group revoke or a ban. 
  7. Changes to the servers are to be made by admins only.
  8. Complaints and suggestions have to be forwarded to the admins. This does not mean that anyone should bother admins with childish/banal problems. Please try to fix those your own.
  9. We want love, peace and harmony in the Voice-Servers. Every member is called upon to keep the harmony!


I. General behaviour

Always be friendly and respectful towards other users.
Violent, provocative, offensive, radical, racist, discriminatory and otherwise offensive remarks are not tolerated.
This applies to any posts, avatars, signatures, and linked images.

Our team reserves the rights to remove, edit or move any content, which does not conform to the rules. Notification or permission to the author is not required.
Each member is responsible for his own produced content and hereby confirms that he does not publish copyrighted works and texts in the forum. 
Furthermore texts, images or other posts with the following contents are prohibited:
Criminal, pornographic and offensive content.
Extremist expressions of religious or political nature.
Links and posts that contain or promote cyber-crime and other violations of the law in any country.
Referrer links, of which benefits a user financially or otherwise.
All other content that disturb the team climate and were not explicitly mentioned here.

II. User Accounts 

Each member is responsible for his or her account itself.
The disclosure of user name and password to third parties is prohibited ( pretty obvious isn't it ? ).
Registrations after an account ban are prohibited.
Double accounts are not allowed and lead to deletion of both.
No user accounts will be deleted just on request.
Trash and 10-minute-mail providers are prohibited.
The disclosure of other users personal information or the quoting of content from private messages (PMs) is not allowed.

III. Usernames 

Once selected nicknames may not be changed, it is desirable that users use their in-game name to register on this forum.
The following is also prohibited:
Offensive and insulting username.
Nicknames that include Internet addresses or domain names.
Names that have been chosen deliberately to be confused with other users.
Any names that violate the rules.

IV. Signatures & Avatars 

Signatures and avatares are not allowed to advertise other teams or affiliated groups. Advertisments of that nature, refferrals or similiar content is not allowed.

Not allowed are the following:
Criminal, pornographic and offensive content.
Extremist expressions of religious or political nature.
Links and Posts that contain or promote cyber-crime or other violations of the law.

V. Postings 

The following posts are considered unnecessary and/or spam. (Repeated violations will mean a lock on your account):
Quotations of whole posts are generally undesirable. Quote only the part to which you are referring.
Posts that have nothing to do with the topic of the thread. (Off-Topic)
Flaming, provocations, insults of individual users or other offensive language. If you notice such posts, simply use the "report function" to gain a moderators attention.
Cross-posting. (Repeated posting of the same content in different threads)
Double posts, use the edit function if you still want to add something.
Posts that obviously only serve to increase the post count.
Foreign advertising, referrer links or linking to other team pages is not allowed.
The Forums language is German and English. All other languages ​​are to be avoided, as these can not be moderated.
Copying the posts of other users or excerpts of it is prohibited.

VI. Forum & topic creation 

Be aware that in each forum or subforums special rules may apply that apply only to the respective area. These are then pinned in the areas mentioned.
Before you create a new topic, always use the search function to check whether the topic already exists.

Liability Notice 

The Administration of Band of Brothers EU is not responsible for the content of external providers.If there's a external link in a post whis has to be removed, please contact the provider of the external content. Band of Brothers EU has no influence on this content and can not remove it.


  1. Be nice and respectful to your fellow players.
  2. Behave yourself! You're representing our community! 
  3. Avoid any kind of toxic behaviour.
  4. If we receive any complaints about members, it will checked and punished accordingly.